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This web site was an assignment for a college class.

This is Us...

Wayne and Sally got married on July 14, 2001.  Well, that isn't entirely accurate.  Wayne and Sally got married on July 13, 2001 and on July 14, 2001.  It's a long story but here it is:

Two Weddings; One Marriage...

We live in Vidalia, Louisiana.  Vidalia is right next to another town called Natchez, Mississippi.  The only thing separating the two towns is the Mississippi River.  Being on the border of two states isn't something we think about much because it is an everyday thing to us.  During our courtship, we were members of a church in Natchez.  Before that, Sally was a member of another church in Natchez which is where we wanted to get married.  A few days before the wedding we realized that we had purchased the marriage license at the courthouse in Vidalia where I work yet we were getting married in Mississippi.  There wasn't enough time to get a license in Mississippi because of blood tests and waiting periods.  Our pastor met us in Vidalia at the Riverwalk on the evening before the wedding and "legally" married us.  So our legal anniversary is July 13 but our real anniversary is July 14.

Then comes baby... but first...

It wasn't long after we got married that Courtney came to live with us.  She had just graduated kindergarten at the time.  Courtney was a product of my first marriage but that is a whole other story.  Sally treats her like she is her own.  In 2005, Rebekah was born.  So now we have two daughters. 

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A special thank you to my wife, Sally, and my daughter, Courtney, for contributing to the content, helping me test the site, and for providing encouragement. 

No family members were harmed in the making of this web site.




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